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Jason Forrest

University of East London

Inclusivity within the Fashion Curriculum

Two years on, the powerful symbolism of inequality & systemic injustice was a wake-up call, to the globe. Not forgetting the brutality, inflicted on black & brown individuals, prior to this momentous moment. Companies & fashion-related brands stood in solidarity, to support the BLM movement. Some faced criticism, in the form of ostracism. My enquiry is centred around how societal issues, can enhance students’ confidence & employability through curriculum content. This case study is applicable to the BA Hons Fashion Marketing course at UEL.

The methodology & patriarch behind this case study is centred in action research, & equity & inclusion. This was delivered in conjunction with the Fashion Minority Report. The students were asked to devise a route to consumer strategy, for the learning hub of this organisation. Each group, had to select a theme that encapsulated lived experience. Along with adhering to UEL policy & procedures centred in courage, diversity & inclusion. A module, which will be used to shape the future direction of this undergraduate course. Incorporating discussions on societal issues, allowing a space for our diverse student body to view their opinions & voices in a safe space.

Cross-departmental collaboration with equity & inclusion team, helped to foster the debate around unconscious bias. Identifying how this relates to fashion-related brands while addressing personal bias. Also, identifying the attributes, centred on agility connectivity, curiosity & enterprise to enrich the confidence of my students. Through the circularity of action research, I have addressed the improvements, in relation to recruitment & staff development to reimagine a sense of belonging for our next cohorts.

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